December 17 2021 | Online Dating

Invite family and friends over to decorate your house

Why not make decorating your home a communal affair? Invite your friends and family over, put on your favourite Christmas tunes, have snacks and drinks readily available, and decorate to your heart's content! Decorating with the ones you love celebrates Christmas in the best possible way; gathering, just as was intended.

Find a beautiful nativity scene and display it in your home.

Proudly celebrate your Christianity and pay tribute to our Lord with a beautiful nativity scene. There are so many elegant, and stunning sets that bring warmth and the spirit of Christmas into your homes.  Some of our favourite sets are these from Willow Tree or this stunning piece from French knot.

Host a Christmas party

A Christmas party is always a fun way to celebrate with friends. Have everyone bring a dish and enjoy a potluck full of festivity and delicious food! You could even set up a KK for the day too! Whether you live close to your family or not, hosting a Christmas party with your friends is a brilliant way to celebrate Christmas with the ones you love.

Send Christmas cards

That giddy feeling of receiving a card never ceases. This is such an easy way to get into the Christmas spirit and share your faith at Christmastime. Write down a Bible verse and a personal message on each card. You can even do some research and find out what your loved ones favourite verse is and include it for an extra special touch!  

Give a surprise gift to someone within your community 

Chances are there’s someone in your community that is special to you and has helped you in some way. Share the Christmas spirit by surprising them with a gift and making it special! Perhaps your grandmother’s Christmas pudding, a thoughtful hamper, or their favourite bottle of wine, treat someone who deserves it!

Do something good for someone else

An intrinsic part of the Christian faith is goodwill and acting selflessly to help others. Christmas can be a difficult time for some. Those who have lost loved ones, experiencing homelessness, or who are struggling to buy gifts for their children, need a helping hand. Give back to your community, whether it’s by catching up with someone who is going through a tough time, or is by themselves, to have a chat and a cup of tea, putting on carols for a local retirement village, donating to St. Vinnies or your local parish to create gift hampers for struggling families or volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Christmas is a time of celebration, joy and gift-giving – but the greatest gift you can give is an act of selflessness to make someone’s day, or Christmas, a little brighter.

Much love to you all,


Veemance Co-Founder