August 30 2020 | Online Dating

The pandemic has changed so many things in the world right now. In terms of the dating landscape, COVID-19 has already influenced the following aspects:

  • Dating sites are the mainstream now.

These days people do not have to go out and meet each other in person to have a proper date. As a matter of fact, a lot of Christian singles prefer finding a virtual date on an Australian dating site, i.e. they meet each other on the Internet and arrange a video chat online.

Also, Netflix has a new feature that allows two individuals to chat on the Internet while watching the same film. Therefore, you may have a dinner date on Zoom first and then watch a film on Netflix together that night! Well, the dinner-and-movie date can happen online!

We have recommended this idea to many members on our Christian dating website because we are finding more and more people prefer online dating due to the pandemic. In fact, Internet dating is a safe, efficient and effective way to meet someone suitable in this day and age. Besides, most Christian singles are unable to attend church in person because of COVID-19, so they have decided to meet each other on our Christian dating site.

  • You can be a highly creative dater in spite of social distancing, because of social distancing.

It turns out that social distancing makes you a more creative dater! Some members of the Veemance community have recommended the following when you meet up with another Christian single: 

    1. Exercising together in the park.

If you meet someone on our Christian dating website and have built a genuine connection on several virtual dates you can go out for an offline date (with social distancing). Why don’t you go out at 7:30am and exercise in the sun together? You can still maintain social distancing and enjoy your date. When you like the workout as well as the scenery in the park, you actually have an external focus on your date, and this can help you feel more relaxed.

We think this is a great idea because you will not feel nervous on the first date when there is an external focus which gives you less pressure!

    2. Sit at 2 different tables in a coffeehouse.

So long as you sit at 2 tables, it is absolutely fine to go to a coffeehouse with someone that you have met on our Christian dating platform. In fact, this is fun as you will communicate from a distance. Let us say this is the first date, and the chemistry is absent, you can end the date early. However, if the Chemistry has a capital C, you will definitely make this coffee date longer and then organise a second date that you will really look forward to!

  • Is this the end of the hook-up culture?

The hook-up culture has become mainstream since the 1960s, as evidenced by the extremely popular TV show Mad Men. Nevertheless, because of the pandemic, social distancing is required everywhere. Obviously, most people understand the risk of hooking up with strangers in today’s times. What’s more, lots of individuals have already figured out that casual dating doesn’t bring real happiness as the connection is absent.

Hence, the dating landscape is gradually changing. We believe that the future of dating will be more about real connections rather than casual flings. We know finding the right person is not easy. Therefore, you will value a genuine connection more.

Christian singles know that true love isn’t something they can take for granted. That is why they cherish their soulmates and share genuine attention, radical affection & true love.