August 15 2020 | Online Dating

Further examination shows that the majority of singles have tried online dating today.

What’s more, Christian singles are more likely to find true love on the Internet & here is why:

I know you go to the church and have a social circle there. Yet if your social circle doesn’t evolve, it becomes stagnant. That is not good for your love life when you are looking for love.

  • Modern technology is revolutionising the way we do business, the way we shop, the way we live our everyday lives, and even the way we find love.

The fact that you are visiting this website and reading this blog article right now probably means you are a single Christian individual looking for a partner. If you can find a partner offline, I guess you must have done it already. The uncomfortable truth is most people in real life are secular individuals, so it’s harder for you to find a like-minded person who actually understands you.

Therefore, a Christian dating site offers you a platform where you can meet potential partners more efficiently and effectively.

  • Online dating is characterised by a powerful algorithm which filters candidates for you.

Let’s say you choose offline dating – you meet people through your social circle; you go to parties and events; you initiate conversations with others. In this process, you have to filter people by yourself very carefully – and that literally feels like a part-time job. It is hard work.

In contrast, a Christian dating website utilizes a very powerful algorithm that quickly filters people for you. All you need to do is to create a dating profile and set up your criteria. The dating site sends you suitable candidates automatically.

If I can use a business analogy, I would argue that offline dating is like making earned income (AKA linear income) – you are trading hours for dollars, whereas online dating is like making passive income (AKA leveraged income) – you are making money even when you are asleep. Indeed, offline dating relies on your own effort 100%, whilst a Christian dating site sends you qualified candidates even when you are watching TV on the couch.

No, I’m not saying offline dating is not valuable. I actually think offline dating is still valuable because it allows you to exercise your social muscles. However, you would be well-advised to combine offline dating with online dating, thereby getting the result you want faster.

  • Online dating saves you a large amount of time.

When you are on a Christian dating website, you do not need to explain yourself to anyone because everyone on this platform knows why you are here – every member in the database is a single Christian individual looking for a like-minded partner.

Nonetheless, in the world of offline dating, you have to explain yourself: you are single; you are Christian; you are looking for a partner who is also Christian; you want a meaningful, serious & long-term relationship. But in modern-day society, a large number of secular people are not looking for any of those because they live in a hook-up culture unfortunately.

Clearly, if you depend on offline dating, you will probably be disappointed by the results you can get. That’s exactly why a growing number of Christian singles have decided to join a Christian dating site in order to  find true love in record time.

You can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back. Time is your most valuable asset. If you spend your time, you can never get your time back; if you invest your time, you will get dividends.