September 14 2020 | Online Dating

When can our culture cater for the needs of Australians specifically?

When it comes to the world of love. We launched Veemance in order to create an exclusive Christian dating site only for Australians.

There are many dating sites in Australia however, we wanted to create an exclusive Australian dating site for Christian Singles.  

  • Veemance is only for Christian singles living in Australia.

We have thousands of likeminded Christian singles who are based in Australia and are ready to get to know you and start dating. With the onset of Covid, scammers have become more robust than ever and we work diligently at Veemance to ensure each dating profile is a real Christian single. 

This is a community for Australian singles who share the same faith to date each other and build genuine relationships. When two people have the same values, it’s easier for them to understand each other and start a meaningful relationship. 

On Veemance, you can favourite dating profiles so it’s very easy to go back to them later.

Also, to help you find potential Christian single matches faster, our premium membership allows you to see who has viewed your dating profile.

What’s more, our search function allows you to be as broad as you would like. You can even remove the postcode in your search and look for Christian singles across all of Australia!

  • This platform is streamlined and user-friendly.

We have created Veemance to be more user friendly than other dating sites. When you like a user and they like you back, it’s an instant match. As a Christian dating site, Veemance’s interface / design is simple and very easy to use and navigate. You don’t need to worry about endlessly browsing hundreds of unsuitable dating profiles anymore. When it comes to dating sites in Australia, if you are looking to date Christian singles then Veemance is your number ONE go to dating site.

Whilst we offer premium memberships at Veemance, we also offer a free dating membership option. This allows you limited functionality to help you look for someone new. We believe it's so important if you are new to online dating websites that you have the ability to find your Christian match within our Community.

If you need dating advice, you can have a look at our journal. Some members have told us that our journal is very helpful because it’s full of useful and practical advice. We publish new journal entries regularly and frequently, so you can bookmark this website on your browser and you won’t miss out on any new journal entries.

Here are some examples of what our journal entries include:

The untold reasons why a Christian relationship is good for you:

  • Most secular people get married for questionable reasons, so the divorce rate is very high in western countries. By contrast, Christian singles get married to strengthen each other’s faith.
  • Christian couples are more likely to stay married.
  • Christian couples can access spiritual guidance.

The surprising benefits of finding a Christian relationship on the Internet:

  • Online dating sites in Australia give you options. Options give you a sense of security and eliminates neediness.
  • Internet dating has an algorithm that filters suitable candidates accordingly. This is the fast-track to the right relationship.
  • Online dating sites save time. Time is your most valuable asset in life. Many people spend their money carefully, but when they spend their time, they spend it like billionaires! That’s a huge mistake.

Insights into Christian dating – how the dating landscape has changed during the pandemic:

  • Virtual dates have become mainstream and we believe that dating sites will only go from strength to strength in the future.
  • Social distancing makes you a more creative dater.
  • The pandemic is probably the end of the hook-up culture.

Veemance is the only Christian dating website which publishes new journal entries full of informative and valuable dating advice regularly – every journal entry is written by an industry expert.

Our number one aim at Veemance is to be the number one dating site in Australia. Building an inclusive community to help you find Christian singles in a safe environment.

Love to you all,


Veemance Co-Founder