January 29 2022 | Online Dating

Whether it be by eating better, starting a new hobby, or trying new things, resolutions are important priorities we create, to try and achieve fulfilment and happiness.

However, there is one thing as Christians, that is the most important priority of them all, and that is keeping God first in the new year. As Christians, we often ask ourselves how we can be the best version of ourselves, which reflects His teachings.

This follows us into our relationships. In Christian dating

, it is important to keep God first in your relationship, and communicate with each other what that means to you, and how you would like to practice it. Here are some tips on how to keep God first in the new year as Christian singles.

Start your day with Him

What better way to start your day, than with God! The way you wake up and begin your day can set your mood for the rest of the day! Whether it’s reading your Bible, or praying, in starting your day with God, you are staying connected with Him and keeping him first in your life.

By shifting your focus to spend more time with God, you are allowing yourself to become closer to Him, and maintain discipline.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed

Mark 1:35

Our Lord, Jesus Christ understood the importance of starting the day by being connected with God, and if we are to follow in His image, we must do the same!

Seek God’s guidance when working

Similar to starting your day with prayer, or reading scripture, what a more wonderful way to begin working than with God’s guidance. If you are struggling to get things accomplished or staying focused at work, seek God’s help! Ask him for guidance and clarity before you begin your workday, and you’ll find yourself feeling more connected to both God and your work!

Thank God

God is always there for us, in our good times, and bad times, so it is important that we always give thanks to Him for his constant, unwavering love and guidance. Part of keeping God first is demonstrating your love and appreciation for Him, by giving thanks.

Discussing what a Godly relationship looks like for you

It is important to keep God first in all aspects of your life, and this includes your relationship. Understanding and communicating with your partner what a Godly relationship looks like for you both is incredibly important in maintaining a supportive relationship and keeping God first. Discuss ways in which you can both practise your faith together! Celebrating your faith together is a beautiful thing

Pray Together

Praying together is an important part of being comfortable with sharing each other’s faith, and trusting each other. It connects us and strengthens your relationship with God as a couple.

Love to you all,


Veemance Co-Founder