June 22 2021 | Living with Faith

Find out all the ways that technology can help with your faith.

With the rise in technological advances, more and more questions pop up about how we can live with faith in the digital age. Facebook influences our friendships, Instagram makes us reflect on our body image, and dating sites mean we can meet Christians online.

Technology has made living with faith easier in many ways. Think of the printing press that was invented in the 1400s, which Christians then used to spread the word of Christ. The internet is no more than a vessel for the message of God through different mediums, so it’s not something to be avoided, despite the concerns of many of the older congregations. Instead, it should be embraced as a way to better connect people with Jesus – and each other.

How Technology has Made Living with Faith Easier

Reminders to Connect

Technology has many positive effects on our relationship with God, making living with faith easier than ever. We can now set reminders for prayer time, church, and a whole host of other activities that strengthen our faith. There are even apps that will send you a daily bible verse to reflect upon.

This has made it simpler than ever before to stay committed to living with faith. With constant reminders and encouragement from your devices, it would be almost impossible to miss a bible study or time set aside to connect with God.


Not too long ago, if you wanted to date online, you were severely limited by the sites that were available. There haven’t always been Christian dating sites around so that you could be sure the people you were meeting held the same values as you.

When you date someone whose religion is different from yours, this can be a huge hurdle to overcome. Dating another Christian means that you share the same beliefs and many of the same core values, meaning that your relationship is already off to a good start. If you end up marrying the person, you will want someone who encourages you to live with faith just as they do, and who supports your relationship with God.

With sites like Veemance around, it’s now easier than ever to meet Christians online. You can even sign up to Veemance for free, so there’s no reason why you can’t meet your perfectly suited soulmate.

Find Like-Minded People

Even if you’re not interested in dating, meeting other Christians online can still be a great idea. It’s important to have friends with the same faith as you so that you can all support each other in your journey. Or you may meet an older mentor who you can learn from to deepen your faith and spiritual practices.

When you go online with the intention of connecting with other Christians, you never know who you might meet.

Find New Christian Authors or Musicians

As the days where everyone purchased a CD to listen to their favourite band or visited a library to read a new book fade away, these have been replaced with digital equivalents. If you’re searching for new Christian musicians to listen to, they’ve never been easier to find. Just hop onto Spotify or search on the web to discover thousands of artists you’ve never heard before! Finding music that suits your tastes and your religion has never been easier.

Similarly, you can now use your phone to read the latest Christian novels before they even hit the shelves at your local store. As it’s now easier to access these things, this has made it simple to find artists and authors living with faith instead of reading secular books or listening to whatever music happens to be on the radio.

The music of the Gospel leads us home.

- Frederick W. Fabe

If you are feeling alone in living with faith, there’s nothing more reassuring than reaching out online to find Christian blogs, books, podcasts, and more. There are plenty around, and these tools can help you to feel connected with other Christians.

Thanks to Veemance, you can now also meet Christian singles online. Sign up for free today – you never know when you could meet someone who will change your life for the better. Connect with and meet Christians online through on this platform – even if you don’t find the love of your life, you just might make more friends who love Jesus.