August 15 2020 | Living with Faith

Yes, you can meet someone suitable in the church, but there are only so many people in your local church. In order to find quality, quantity actually matters.

That means if you choose one person out of one option, chances are that’s not an ideal choice. In contrast, if you choose one person out of many options, you are much more likely to find the right candidate. Therefore, online dating has become mainstream amongst switched-on Christian singles.

Research shows that Christian couples are less likely to be divorced.

A recent study in Australia, Europe and North America indicates that Christian couples are much less likely to get divorced. Further analysis reveals that compared to secular marriage, Christian marriage is oftentimes more sustainable and healthier due to the following reasons:

1. A lot of secular individuals get married for certain questionable reasons; consequently, the divorce rate in western countries is very high.

Traditionally, marriage was best characterised by glorying God; however, these days secular individuals have removed God from the institution of marriage in western countries. As a result, many people get married in order to seek the following rewards: intimacy, companion, children and romantic love which is literally more about lust. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying their motivations are definitely wrong. I mean when the divorce rate is 50% and there are so many unhappily married couples who are not divorced & people who break up after having long-term relationships are not even included in the statistics, the real failure rate of marriage/long-term relationships is at least 80% in the West, according to a family lawyer in New York City. Hence, it’s time for us to carefully re-evaluate why we should get married in the first place.

Indeed, it’s absolutely normal to be yearning for intimacy, companion, romantic love and children. Those are valid reasons why people want to get married. Nevertheless, intimacy, companion and romantic love can change or fade away quite easily as time goes by when secular individuals are surrounded by materialism, because temptation is everywhere in modern-day society & human nature is vulnerable. Besides, children won’t remain children for long – once they turn 18 years of age, they leave their parents. Yes, they are still your children, but they are not responsible for your happiness.

2. Christian marriage has access to spiritual guidance.

In actuality, Christian singles have discernment of what to look for when dating because of the spiritual guidance they receive. This allows Christian singles to avoid the above-mentioned reasons for getting married. Usually, when a Christian individual is looking for love, they prefer someone who is also Christian. That means they can deepen each other’s faith as a result. Ideally, in a healthy marriage, three pillars must be present: A) emotional connection; B) intimacy; C) a shared vision. In a secular marriage, a shared vision is also known as mutual benefits. There is nothing wrong with that. But in a Christian marriage, a shared vision is beyond mutual benefits – it also includes a shared religion which is a very strong bond. We all know that mutual benefits can change when the circumstances change; nonetheless, a strong bond won’t change easily. So, from the above analysis, it can be seen that Christian marriage is obviously more meaningful, rewarding and resilient.

A marriage will flourish if God wills it.