January 13 2021 | Online Dating

Figuring out how to set boundaries in Christian dating can be one of the toughest dating challenges; it’s right up there with finding Christian singles.

How much is too much? That is the age-old question that many young Christian couples struggle with. Christian dating boundaries can be blurry and may differ from person to person. What’s most important is defining your boundaries in relationships and sticking to them. If your partner is meant for you, they will respect that. If they don’t, it might be time to walk away.

Ways to Set Boundaries in Christian Dating

  1. Date for Marriage

If you are not dating with the intention of finding your spouse, what is the point? You are just putting yourself through potential emotional heartache for nothing. Specifying to any Christian singles you meet that you are dating to find your future spouse is a great boundary to draw. This lets people know exactly where they stand if they are to date you and ensures that you are both on the same page with what you’re looking for.

  1. Guard Your Heart

Remember that just going on a date or two with someone that you met through Christian online dating does not mean that you have any commitment to each other. You can find plenty of Christian singles when you sign up to Veemance’s dating platform. You will be potentially meeting multiple people, and you must therefore guard your heart until you have more commitment. The more commitment you get from a partner, the more you can let down your emotional boundaries with them. If you are looking to get married, you will have to be emotionally open and vulnerable at some stage, but that doesn’t need to be right away.

  1. Topics of Discussion

There are certain topics of discussion that are best talked about down the line, not in your first few months of dating. For example, discussing how many children you want and what their names should be could be too much too soon. Where the two of you will live together in the future once you’re married falls into the same category. These questions are best left until you are committed to each other and considering engagement. They are topics you should certainly talk about with a future spouse but a boyfriend or girlfriend? Not so much. Go for some light and fun first date topics instead.

  1. Showing Affection

One of the most challenging boundaries in relationships to navigate is how you show affection. This is a hotly debated topic in Christian circles with ‘how much is too much?’ being the main question put forward. Let’s put it this way, what are you comfortable with your family seeing? If you are acting in a manner with your partner (whether publicly or privately) that you wouldn’t want your family to see, then you have likely crossed the line. In front of your family, you would surely be comfortable if someone put their arm around your shoulder, touched your arm, or gave you a hug. There are plenty of acceptable ways to show affection without taking it too far.

Make sure that you communicate your standards of behaviour and boundaries in relationships to the person you are dating. This clear definition of what you expect gives them the chance to tell you their limitations as well. If they don’t respect your boundaries, there is no need to continue the relationship. Having no respect for your Christian dating boundaries really means they don’t respect you, so why would you keep dating this person?

Wait on the Lord for the one who not only pays attention to you but is paying attention to what God is telling him to do when it comes to you.

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The first step in how to set boundaries in Christian dating is to decide what they are for you. Only then can you implement these limits in your relationships. A great way to start is to date for marriage, protect your heart, and don’t get too serious too soon.

Finding Christian singles is easy when you sign up to our Christian online dating website. How you manage dating and your relationships is entirely up to you. Set your boundaries, communicate them, and you should have a fun time meeting other Christian singles through Veemance. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!