August 5 2021 | Online Dating

Often when it comes to dating, people rush into new romances without truly knowing what they are looking for and what to avoid.

So in this article, we're going to focus on Christian dating in Melbourne to increase your wisdom and insight into what kind of Christian partner you should pursue and date.

The world of swipe right

In the hectic world of swipe right, Instagram, Facebook, numerous dating sites, and the overwhelming peer pressure attempting to push us into a relationship outside of the will of God. Navigating through the world of Christian dating and relationships "God's way" can, at times, seem incredibly difficult.

Even when you fall head over heels in love with someone, you must know what to look for in a godly mate. Just because they are a Christian single in Melbourne, it does not necessarily mean that they are the one God has planned for you.

Using prayer to guide you

As with every significant decision we make in life, it's important to use the power of prayer for guidance. That includes who we date because we need that insight to ensure that if the relationship blossoms and comes to marriage, which will impact us more than any other decision in life, we make the right choice.

Having said that, we need to address the idea of marriage not in desperation or a willingness to settle, but rather, we must approach marriage using the intelligent brain God has given us. It isn't God's will for you to settle for something that you know in your heart is not a true gift from Him.

How do you know if they are heaven-sent?

So how can you know if they are heaven sent or not - are you truly making a Christian connection? While prayer, fasting, careful consideration, time, and discernment may help - how can you be absolutely sure?

To help you be sure they are the ones and guide you in finding the perfect Christian singles in Melbourne. Below are just some of the key features you should consider when searching for the ultimate Christian dating partner and lifelong soul mate.

Are they willing to pray with you?

Prayer is at the heart of every Christian believer's life. So does the person you're dating walk in prayer? Do they make an effort to pray and read the word of God with you? How do you them spend your time together? 

These are all fundamental questions you need to ask yourself before committing to a long term Christian dating relationship. If the person you are with lacks this when you're dating, you could find yourself feeling lonely, discouraged, and unequal later in the marriage. Prayer should always be the cornerstone upon which the relationship is built.

Are they smart with their money?

It would be foolish to suggest that for a Christian relationship or any other for that matter to work, you only need each other and the love that binds you. But unfortunately, there's a whole lot that plays into dating relationships and marriage beyond simply love.

Statistics reveal that up to 33% of all Australian marriages are expected to end in divorce, and countless more relationships fall by the wayside.

So as a couple after God's own heart, it's essential that money is managed with wisdom and not allowed to become God in any relationship, whether dating or marriage. When searching for your perfect Christian dating partner, trust your Heavenly Father to take care of you just as He promised and do your part.

Are they kind to everyone around them?

When you're walking down to the street or going into a restaurant, how does your date treat those around them? Do they treat everyone equally, the same, with kindness, warmth and respect?  If so, this is a good pointer that this could be the Christian single God has chosen for you. 

Do they keep their word?

The Bible shows us numerous scriptures on being honest and walking with integrity. In a Christian dating relationship, communication is one of the most vital aspects and without honesty, you can't have that. If you don't have honesty, trust and reliability in a relationship, you have nothing.

So, therefore, when it comes to Christian dating, you must allow time to see if the person with whom you are in a relationship with abides by these virtues, and it is also essential for you to do the same.

Finally - do they see and treat you for who you are?

The King of Kings loves you, and you deserve a partner who will love you just as Christ loves the church. Your heavenly Father wants to reward you with the best, so you should write the love story you want and never settle or compromise for less than what He has for you.

When it comes to finding the perfect Christian dating partner in Melbourne, the essential thing you can do is to pray for God to give you guidance and insight, as he does for every other single part of your Christian life.

How to find your Christian dating partner in Melbourne

So if you're thinking about Christian dating in Melbourne and looking for that someone special person to spend the rest of your life with, you need to be sure that not only are they Christian, but they are the embodiment of everything you hold dear.

One of the easiest and most successful ways to find the perfect Christian singles in Melbourne is to use an online Christian dating site. Online Christian dating has evolved immensely over the last decade and is now an accepted part of Christian society.

The perfect Christian dating app

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