February 20 2021 | Online Dating

The 8 Best Ways to Meet Christian Singles in Australia

Are you ready to meet the love of your life? Many people feel prepared to meet their future husband or wife for many years before they actually do. Of course, everything will happen in the Lord's timing… but it never hurts to look, right? If you want to meet Christian singles in Australia, there are many places that you can do this. Keep reading to uncover our top 8 suggestions.

8 Ways to Meet Christian Singles in Australia

So, finding your future spouse hasn't happened for you just yet. Don't panic; there are plenty of ways that you can meet other single Christians. Here are 8 of our best ideas for doing just that.

  1. Visit Other Churches

If there was someone at your church who you wanted to date, you'd likely already know about it. We figure if you're reading this article, then there is no one suitable for you to date at your church. So, why not try out a new church? It never hurts to meet more fellow Christians, and you never know, you just might end up finding a Christian single man (or woman) who you're interested in. Plus, churches frequently run singles mixers and other events aimed at young people. There's no reason you shouldn't go just because it's not the church you usually attend.

This is especially a good idea when you go away on holiday. You don’t need to skip church just because you can't attend your usual service, and you never know who you will meet if you go.

  1. Go on A Mission Trip

Now, we're not saying that you should go on a mission trip ONLY to potentially meet that special someone. However, on these trips, you will meet others who are dedicated to serving the Lord. If some of them just so happen to be single, even better! Once you are married, you will have more responsibilities, and it can be harder to take time away for mission trips. So, the perfect time to go on these anyways is when you are single. Make the most of your freedom and head out on a mission trip to help others and serve God. Anyone you meet along the way is a bonus.

  1. Retreats

Many churches have regular retreats where the members all go away for a long weekend. They are often joined with other churches so that you can all meet and socialise together. If you don't usually attend these, you're potentially missing out on an easy way to meet other Christian singles in Australia. A weekend away at a camp is an excellent bonding experience, whether you end up making a bunch of new friends or meeting someone special. So, make sure that you attend!

  1. Get Set Up

We know that many people hate getting set up on blind dates from family or friends. However, when you think about it, it's not such a bad idea. First of all, the person you're meeting will definitely be single and be a Christian, because your loved ones will have vetted them first. Plus, if it's someone your friends or family already like, then you can have an easy start to your relationship!

  1. Use A Christian Dating App

Many people haven't even heard that there is now a fantastic new Christian dating app available. If you or a loved one is keen to meet Christian singles in Australia, you should check out Veemance. Veemance is a Christian dating apppacked with plenty of eligible single Christians. If you've been having trouble finding a Christian single man or woman, you're sure to find one on this Christian dating app. What's even better is that it's completely free to sign up! So, what have you got to lose? Sign up today and try it out.

  1. Weddings

So maybe you're not that close with the person getting married and you're thinking maybe you'll skip the wedding. However, weddings are an excellent place to meet new people. So, if you're currently single and looking for love, then attend all the weddings that you can. You'll be able to meet all the friends and family of the bride and groom; there's sure to be other people who are single there too.

  1. Conference

If there is something that you are truly passionate about, attending conferences can be a great way to learn more about that topic. And while you're at it, you will also meet others who are interested in the same subject. If you meet another single person and hit it off, then you will already have at least one interest in common, which is why conferences can be such a great way to meet other singles. If it's a faith-related conference, even better!

  1. Leave it Up to God

At the end of the day, only God knows when you're going to meet the One. There's nothing wrong with trying to make it happen, but it really is up to the Lord when it does. So, if you're getting frustrated about not having met the love of your life just yet, it may be time to let go and leave it up to God. Focus on your relationship with Him, and everything else will fall into place.

Only God can give you the love you're looking for.

 – Unknown

Finding a single Christian man or woman is easy when you look in the right place. Finding the right one is more challenging. Sign up to Veemance today at no cost and start meeting Christian singles in Australia. Even if you don't make a lasting connection, you'll at least have fun chatting with and meeting other Christians in the same situation as you. Give it a go today!