September 20 2021 | Online Dating

So the team at Veemance wanted to make sure we do everything we can to ensure our users are equipped with information on how to spot and avoid scammers.

Here are a few things to look out for and how you can protect yourself from a scammer:

  1. Scammers will try to lure you off the Veemance platform by giving you their email address, phone number or third party platform details, or they may ask for yours. We highly encourage you to stay on the Veemance platform and to not send out any personal information, especially if you have only just started talking.
  2. Scammers will confess their love to you very early and things will get serious very soon without having met you in person. We encourage Veemance users to take their time to get to know the person they are talking with. God’s timing is perfect and ensuring you trust the person you are talking to is very important.
  3. Scammers will often say they are not in the country at the moment and they are overseas for work or for a family emergency. We encourage you to do your due diligence. We do appreciate that sometimes users can be overseas, but we created Veemance for users who are based in Australia to encourage genuine connections so that users are eventually able to meet in person and find that special someone. Be cautious of users that say they are not currently in Australia because of certain circumstances.
  4. Scammers will ask for money. Most often they will ask for money for emergencies, such as hospital bills, child care for their child, or even money for a plane trip back to Australia. Do not send money to anyone. If you have already sent money, report it to your financial institution.
  5. Scammers will try to avoid talking on the phone or meeting in person because they are not who they say they are. Be cautious of users who avoid the conversation or make excuses when you ask for a phone call or an in person meet.
  6. Follow your instincts. If you are even slightly unsure about a user, do your homework. Search for their names, their job, do a reverse image search, do everything you can to find out as much as you can about the person and find out if they are who they say they are.
  7. Talk to someone if you are unsure about a user. The team at Veemance always welcomes emails from users. If you are unsure about a user, check in with us on [email protected] 
  8. Our Veemance users have been incredible in protecting this Christian community and we appreciate everyone that has reported a user. If you believe a user is a scammer, please report it immediately.

Stay safe, happy and positive Australia ♥️