April 9 2021 | Online Dating

Find out how to take appealing profile pics that will get you noticed by other Christian singles on Christian dating sites in Australia, such as Veemance.

Not getting as many matches on Veemance as you had expected? Members with profile pics get far more messages than those who don’t upload any. We recommend adding at least three photos to your page so that you can show your variety of interests and offer viewers an insight into you and your life. People want to be able to see who they are talking to, and pictures are also a great way to showcase your engaging personality! Find out how to take better profile pics that will leave other Christian singles hoping for a chance to chat with you.

Top 8 Ideas for Cool Pictures for Your Profile

  1. Solo Snap

Your main profile picture should be a solo snap of yourself! There’s nothing worse than reading a profile you like, but when it comes to the photo, it’s a group pic. This leaves you searching for any details which might show which person in the group photo the profile belongs to. Make it easy for your profile visitors to see you by having a pic of just yourself as the main image.

  1. Include a Headshot

We recommend including a headshot on your profile. Of course, you don’t need to get professional images taken; a headshot is simply a picture that includes your head and shoulders. This close-up image will allow people to see clearly what you look like. In ones taken from far away, it can be hard to see your gorgeous features. You can have some images where you can see your whole body, but make sure you have a headshot in there, too.

  1. Show Off Your Interests

On Christian dating sites in Australia, it can be challenging to see what people are really like when talking online. Sign up to Veemance for free and upload pictures as a way to share your interests with others and spark a conversation. For example, if you love playing soccer, upload a photo of you during a game. This way, others who also play will notice that you have that in common and strike up a conversation.

  1. Recent Photos

Make sure that any photos you add to your profile are recent. You may not intend to be misleading, but people want to know what you look like if they were to meet you. You don’t want to be caught out with someone thinking that you look older than you did in your pictures! To set realistic expectations, make sure the photos capture what you look like now.

  1. Include your Pets

Anyone viewing your profile has the potential to become a part of your life, so if your life includes pets, show them off! It makes an excellent conversation starter, and you can attract a fellow dog-lover or cat-lover. You don’t want to get a few dates in only to discover that your date hates your cute canine!

  1. High-Quality Images

Make sure that any images you add to your profile are high-quality; otherwise, it will be difficult for people to see them clearly. Small photos become blurry when uploaded, so there’s not a lot of point in adding them at all. Make sure that you only update your profile with high-resolution images.

  1. Add Some Candids

Got photos of you laughing with friends at a party? Upload one! Candid shots can be a great way to demonstrate your personality on your profile. It can be nice to see people in everyday social situations and not always just a posed shot.

  1. No Filter

Remember to keep it natural in your profile pics. You don’t want to photoshop yourself to look younger, have better skin, or be slimmer! Even tools like Instagram filters can make your nose look smaller, highlight your cheekbones, and change your face shape. So, go with no filter on your photos so that you find someone who loves you for who you are and what you truly look like.

People judge by appearance, but God looks at the heart.

- Anonymous

If you want cool pictures for your profile, remember to keep it real. Upload photos without a filter where you’re smiling for real, to let people fall in love with your natural beauty. To entice conversation, show off what’s important to you with photos of your interests and pets.

Sign up to Veemance for free today and get starting by uploading at least three profile pics. Veemance is one of the best Christian dating sites in Australia, as it’s full of other single people with a love for the Lord. Upload some interesting photos and start attracting attention from other Christian singles. Hopefully, you will find the love of your life who loves you for not just your outer beauty but your inner beauty as well.