October 19 2020 | Online Dating

• How to choose the right photos:

Uploading the right photos on your dating profile is important, because the first thing other members see is your profile photo. A psychologist points out that the ideal dating profile photo should be taken outdoors rather than indoors: a recent study indicates that if a profile picture shows a person standing in the sunshine, other people tend to trust them more.

If you don’t really have any great photos, you should ask a friend or family member to help you and take some new photos of you. Remember, to help you find your perfect match you need to upload high-quality photos to showcase your profile to other members on our Christian dating site. In truth, your profile photo is the first thing that other members will notice on our platform. We would argue that if you can afford to hire a professional photographer, it is a great investment in your future happiness. We have found the most successful Christian singles on Veemance upload at least three photos.

Try not to include other people in your dating profile photo. Let’s say your profile photo has your friends or work colleagues in it – it suddenly becomes very confusing for potential matches to know which person in the photo is actually you.

  • The importance of your initial information in your dating profile

The second most important element on your dating profile is your additional information. To really get a feel for who you are, Christian singles will read your “About me” profile information. We have also included a “Status” update where you can simply update your daily status in your Basic Information. This will show at the top of your Profile when users view your profile and can add a fun element to your profile. A few fun examples could include: ‘Spending the day on a bush walk’, ‘Netflix and chilling’, ‘Eating ice-cream in the sunshine’, ‘Taking my daughter to her first cinema experience’, ‘Going on my first Veemance date’, etc.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Your “About me” section really needs to grab the attention of other members and be unique to you

For example, you can highlight your personality: “An adventurous woman with a heart of gold” (this profile headline showcases a unique pairing in your personality, i.e. you are an adventurous woman who is loving and caring – that’s very attractive).

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to highlight your special hobbies and interests: “The avid reader” (this profile headline illustrates your hobby – reading; therefore, like-minded people will want to know more about you. This could also offer interesting talking topics, such as what book they are currently reading, their favourite book, etc.).

Of course, you can also focus on your unique selling point: “A thinker and a writer” (this profile headline shows your intelligence which can be your unique selling point)

  • What to avoid in your “About me”?

Try to avoid any negativity. For example, if you have recently separated from your partner saying that you are “still having some trust issues” can give the impression that you may not be ready to start dating yet. I think it’s key to consider that members using our online Christian dating platform are looking for someone fresh and exciting who are ready to really embrace new opportunities and hopefully build a lasting relationship which leads to Christian marriage. Highlighting that you haven’t moved on from your last partner may stop people liking or messaging you.

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits. Try not to portray any desperation. e.g. “In a very confusing world, I need someone to rescue me. Will you be the one for me?” At Veemance we want to empower our members to find lasting love with other Christian singles throughout Australia. We would suggest changing that statement to read “In today’s modern world, I am looking to connect with a Christian single who shares both my faith and values whom I can share my journey with and hopefully eat lots of cake along the way.”

We highly recommend remaining focused on the message you want to deliver. For example, saying “I’m a very wise, healthy, hardworking and kind person who likes music, art, sports, movies, cooking, photography, travelling, painting, reading, writing, singing and dancing” is just rattling off a list of words. Yes, it does give a great insight to who you are. However maybe saying “I am passionate about travelling and photography and I love embracing new cultures when I travel” is a more powerful message to a Christian single.

Try to avoid grammar or spelling mistakes. Before posting to your profile it is a great idea to re-read everything first before saving all your information.

It’s important to complete your dating profile, because when your profile is complete, you will attract more interest from other members – in order to find quality, quantity matters at the beginning! So, remember to fill in everything needed on your dating profile!