November 2 2020 | Online Dating

• Getting to know Christian singles on our Christian dating website

We highly recommend that you spend time getting to know the members on our Christian dating website before you arrange to meet with them. We think it is important to start by reading their profiles and checking out their photos. If you like what you see and are attracted to a particular Christian single, you can either like their profile or send them a private message. If you feel comfortable, we encourage you to do both. At Veemance we believe our secure private messaging is an excellent way to safely get to know a Christian single. We also encourage our members to video chat multiple times on a trusted platform before they meet face to face. If you are looking for ideas to make sure your profile is as strong as possible, check out our recent blog post 'how to stand out from the crowd'.

We have compiled the below list of potential red flags for you when using our Christian dating website:

  1. Don’t give away too much personal information.

As we have previously mentioned your safety is our number one priority. When you are starting to get to know a member on our Christian dating website don’t give away your personal information too quickly. For example, instead of providing your address be more general, tell them the suburb or area where you live. You can let them know what you do for a living, for example you can say you are a nurse and work in a public hospital in Sydney. But we would advise against saying that you are a nurse working at the Sydney Eye Hospital and finish your shifts at 5:30pm.

  1. If someone asks you to send them money online, don’t do it.

Unfortunately, in 2020 this is a common form of online fraud and is not exclusive to Christian dating sites. Sadly, it is something that we must all be aware of and on the lookout for in all aspects of our online lives.

If another Christian single approaches you for any form of financial aid we recommend that you block the user immediately and report them. This will allow us to investigate the matter and take the appropriate action.

  1. Do some research.

When you are starting to build a relationship with a Christian single, we encourage you to do some high-level online research by googling them. We do not want you to stalk them, but simply get an idea of who they are. We suggest looking for photos, videos, news articles and checking out their social media profiles. This will encourage you to be on the lookout for anything that may raise a red flag.

  • Meet in a well-lit public place.

When you are ready to meet a member from our Christian dating website, you should meet them in daylight hours if possible and in a well-lit public place like a coffee shop  or restaurant.

  • Tell your friends and family about your online Christian dating

If you feel comfortable, we highly encourage you to share your Christian dating journey with your close friends and family. Your close friends and family are the people who know you the best and have your best interests at heart. They can share their own dating stories, advice and help you look for red flags. Most importantly your close friends and family want you to be happy and find the perfect Christian single to build a long-term loving relationship based on your joint faith. We highly encourage you to tell at least one of your close friends or family members before you meet another member for a date. We also encourage you to message them when you safely arrive for your date and keep them updated with your progresses throughout your date.

When looking for lasting love on our Christian dating website we highly encourage Christian singles to always prioritise their safety and privacy