December 18 2020 | Online Dating

Our 6 Best Christmas Date Ideas

Have you been talking to someone special online via our Christian dating site? Meeting Christians online when you are seeking a partner is a great idea. Once you’ve gotten to know each other a little, and found out whether you might be compatible, it’s time to take the leap and meet up in person. With Christmas fast approaching, we have come up with some Christmas date ideas to help you out.

Our 6 Best Christmas Date Ideas

Here are the six best Christmas date ideas that we could come up with. Thankfully, it’s summer. That means that it’s a fantastic chance to get out into nature and explore the outdoors together. From summer date ideas to relaxed hangs at home, this list has got you covered.

Remember to stay easy-going and open to what will happen. Because you’ve already met virtually on our Christian dating site, it can be daunting to meet someone you’re really into for the first time. Trust that God has a plan and whether it works out or not is up to Him. So why not relax and have fun with these date options!

  1. Hit Up A Market

There are plenty of Christmas markets and farmers’ markets around this time of year. After all, it is the season to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather. A market can be the perfect setting for a first date. It’s an informal and relaxed atmosphere. As opposed to sitting across from each other at a restaurant, you can wander around and chat as you look at the stalls. Then grab a bite to eat from one of the food trucks and voila – a perfect date!

  1. Do Some Baking

If you have already met your match in person, another idea is to invite them over to do some holiday baking. This date allows you the opportunity to introduce them to your family if they are around. Plus, baking in the kitchen together offers you both an activity to keep yourselves occupied. You won’t have to worry about a lag in the conversation as you will both be busy baking. You could either make a gingerbread house for a cute Christmas date idea or buy a premade one and go nuts decorating it.

  1. Picnic

If you love getting outside and enjoying the natural landscape, a picnic is a perfect idea. You could even select a gorgeous spot that takes a bit of a hike to reach. This way, you get the chance to go for a refreshing walk, followed by some fantastic food. Pack up some cheese, crackers, sandwiches, and you’re ready for your picnic date.

  1. Outdoor Movie

If there is an outdoor movie theatre in your local area, this is an excellent option for your next date. Check out in advance which movies are playing to see if anything suitable is on. There is usually a good array of kids’ movies for the young at heart or some rom-coms for the romantics among you. Bring a blanket or chairs, some snacks, and drinks, and you’ll have the ideal set-up.

  1. Christmas Lights

Many neighbourhoods are currently decked out in twinkling Christmas lights. Now is a wonderful time to take a walk around a lit-up street to enjoy the Christmas festivities. Why not invite along that person you’ve been chatting to on a Christian dating site? This option can be a great way to get to know each other as there is plenty of time to talk as you stroll around, enjoying the lights. Ask some typical first date questions and understand this person more deeply, even if you have met before.

  1. Make Your Own Ornaments

There is nothing like commemorating your first Christmas together than by making your own ornaments. Have a craft day and invite your date over to make some decorations with you. This gives you both the chance to be creative and make something together. You never know, it just may become a keepsake that you both cherish later on when you get married!

“Before you rush into love too soon or give up on love entirely, remember the very best relationships are formed when they happen in God’s timing.”

  • Morgan Harper Nichols

With a little luck, you will meet your match very soon and need to use some of these Christmas date ideas. If that’s not you just yet, keep these options in mind for when you start talking to someone new. Remember that when you meet that special someone is up to God, but there’s no harm in chatting to Christians online to see if that spark is there with anyone.